Rebrand, master your positioning, and become magnetic.

Brands that I've helped transform & grow:
My coaching practice is full now, and my work with Martha had a big role to play. It gave me the clarity to talk about my business confidently while networking, while choosing referral partners, and even while emailing clients. This is everything I had envisioned for my business.
Martha translated my energy into a brand, I am so happy with the result! There is so much joy, and I see a thriving business with this magnetic branding. The brand book is amazing! I love having a strong positioning and a powerful & clear mission, vision, values, and brand DNA.
Martha Cristina Garza

Luxury Brand Strategist

You are an online business owner, an expert on your field, and you feel expansion is calling you. Yes, you are killing it, but you are also ready for your business to go to the next level, for it to become a brand.

Clarity, direction, and magnetism is your goal. Supporting you in your brand transformation is mine. Let's partner up to expand your brand impact, reach, and revenue.

I believe that a company that strategically aligns with its audience turns into a brand, so I am here to help you get there.

Luxury brand strategist Martha Garza wearing a pink power suit with the Manhattan skyline as background

After over 8 years in marketing working for brands like Cartier, Moleskine, Maison Kayser and Dr Smood. Brands where I held marketing and design roles, opened 25 stores and restaurants, managed a marketing department producing 80 million in yearly revenue, and got a million dollar client. I decided to bring the strategic methodology that I used to build & grow those brands to help your brand become iconic.

You deserve a brand that honors the brilliant work you & your team do.

You know your work is brilliant, you have raving clients and fans, it feel incredible to hear the impact your work has done in their lives, teams, and businesses. The thing is that this excellence and gift you have has always been there, it is just hiding from the spotlight, dimming your brilliance. I FEEL YOU. Most of my clients are brilliant hidden gems, they impact the life of their clients every single day, and love the work they create, they are bold, inspiring, and brave, and their work is changing the world. If they could only reach more people, the right people.

When we work together, the brand we create reflects your genius in EVERY. SINGLE. WAY.

This is how your people find you, this is how you connect.

This is how you build legacy, a brand that you are proud of.

This is your time.

Our Garza Brand Method

01. Brand Heart - The Being

02. Brand Soul - The Personality

03. Brand Mind - The Strategy

As a luxury brand strategist, marketing consultant, creative director, and ontological coach, I am here to help you elevate your luxury brand, so it can become charismatic and iconic.

Martha Cristina Garza Branding Brand Strategy Photoshoot
90-min Call


In this intensive 90-min call we will dig deep into who you are in the world, how you do the work you do aka “your secret sauce”, and why does it matter. 

Leave this call with a clear picture of your brand’s positioning, brand’s purpose, your mission and vision, and Brand DNA. 

*We pick one area to work on during the 90-min. This investment can be rolled out to any of my brand packages.


Suzy Cater Personal Branding Photoshoot
Your Brand in a Month

Ethos Brand

This is my signature service. Where I help my clients get clear on who they are and how they can radically differentiate themselves from the competition.

This is co-creation at its best, we have conversations, I draw out your genius and your brilliance and package it to stand out.

Let’s build the foundation of your brand & a visual design that matches it perfectly in under a month.

Your work is worth an ovation, let’s make sure it gets it.

Pricing ranges from 25k to 5k

Martha Cristina Garza
Fractional CBO & CMO

Aligned Brand Partnership

Let me become your head of brand and marketing. 

We start our work together with your brand foundation, a matching visual brand design, and then we make sure we are leveraging your elevated brand positioning in all the touch points of your business.

This is perfect if you are looking to rebrand, and then retain our support to make the roll-out seamless and successful.  Our ABP Clients have teams to execute our strategic guidance and their growth has been substantial.

Starts at $3,000 per month

(3 or 6 month)

Interested in building a partnership, inviting me to your podcast, or to speak in your group or mastermind? SEND US AN EMAIL!
let's make branding magic!